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Jeremiah's Table

One who is driven of the LORD to speak what HE has put in my heart...

You can not help but cry in anger at how America has changed. She is dying from within. She is turning her back on the one true GOD. The GOD of the bible. Look around  at what has changed. GOD has been kicked out of our schools, and no one is alowed to pray in school. The Ten Commandments are being removed from the halls of Justice. GOD and the Bible were where we seasoned justice with mercy and absolutes. Mercy killing, though morally wrong, is a crime while premeditated, contracted, willful, murder of an inocent child is allowed by our government and condoned by the parents so they will not have to be responceible for that child. It's not that childs fault WHO it's parents are, why punish the child for the sins of it's parents? Sodomites, homosexuals, are comming out of the closet, bringing their sin in our midst and we are called hateful, bigots, ect. if we speak against it. The Torah condemed both people in gay relationships and Paul preached against it. GOD Himself, destroryed two of their citys because of that sin.

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